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Cash Register Machine Supplier in Kuching Sarawak

  • Quiet 1-station drop-in thermal printer
  • Bright operator display
  • Paper saving electronic journal function
  • 8 Departments with 12 character text
  • Up to 200 PLUs with 12 character text
  • Detailed daily and periodical transaction report
  • "HELP" key function for fast printing of set-up and operating

More Details...

  • To create or edit commodity data can be through PC software and ECR keyboard;
  • To modify system configurations through PC software makes operation more convenient and clear;
  • Powerful sale functions with multi selling ways and supports change price, holding bill, refund etc;
  • Support restaurant functions: Dishes with tastes option, meal set

More Details...

  • Simple and compact design.
  • Low end ECR.
  • Long lasting VFD Display.
  • Raised keyboard.
  • 14 departments with Shift.
  • Low maintenance printer.
  • Lockable cash drawer.
  • Easy to operate.